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Data Stewardship Wizard
Quality and sustainable public construction

Joint project of ELIXIR-CZ and ELIXIR-NL to build evolvable portal helping scientist to understand data stewardship and create solid and useful data management plans.

Quality and sustainable public construction

The main goal of the project is to create a manual in the form of a web application, which describes the process of the preparatory phase of a construction project with an emphasis on participatory design, interdisciplinary cooperation and sustainability of the construction.

Smart City Compass
Software supporting implementation and evaluation of smart measures in cities

The aim of the project is to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the Smart Cities (SC) concept in the Czech Republic through a specific public software tool.

Courses reserveration system

Project done via faculty SSP portal. Synergea is company providing consultations, couching and psychological counseling and system helps clients to make reservations of courses and hours in timetable.

Conceptual modelling support for Haskell

Diploma thesis project to introduce conceptual modelling in pure functional language Haskell and discover its advantages in solid mathematical foundations. It provides simple way how to define model in the source code and generate also diagrams via Graphviz.

Web optimization and refactoring

Project done via faculty SSP portal. Initially the website was very slow and buggy, the task was to recover it, move to appropriate hosting, and to find and remove other bugs and imperfections.

Extensible sifting of GitHub repositories

Initially term work form Advanced Python subject. Main goal is to provide extensible system serving as customizable CI service for GitHub repositories.

OntoUML docs
OntoUML Evolvable Documentation

Specification of OntoUML via Sphinx and autogenerated pages for simple use and clear distinction of versions and branches of the modelling language.

Šperky IVA
eCommerce solution

Project done via faculty SSP portal. Electronic shop based on Prestashop system with customizations in template for jewellery store.

Information system to support activities of community owners

Bachelor thesis project to build a modular information system for community owners. It is written in PHP framework Symfony.
OntoUML & UFO community portal

Portal containing all information related to ontology-driven conceptual modelling language OntoUML based on the Unified Foundational Ontology (UFO). It consists of wiki pages, community tools, blog and model repository.

Multichannel & multimedia CRM

Project done via faculty SSP portal. Architects and their clients need to communicate and share a lot of materials. In order to cover these needs, multimedia CRM was developed based on Dokuwiki system.